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Annual Meeting 2015 - Belfast Senior College

opening day fall 13

Senior College Board Nominees: September, 2015

John_Bettlet-100John Bettler: After seven years as a pastor in two Presbyterian churches I realized that I was too much of a recluse to thrive as a minister. So, I went back to graduate school and then taught as a professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary for thirty years. But my real job was to establish and serve as executive director of a not-for-profit counseling service that grew to 50 staff members, received more than 500 client visits each month, set up training courses for local clergy as well as on line courses and managed the doctoral program at Westminster.

On a personal note: my wife and I live on ten wooded acres in Liberty with seven (!) dogs; I enjoy woodworking, jazz (pre-fusion), and reading (mostly history but I must confess to being a closet mystery buff).  I have attended classes at the Senior College for several years and have literally found them life-altering.  Because of you I am now epistemologically self-conscious (thanks, Sara), in love with 19th century novels (yea Juliet) and have learned to appreciate drama from Sophocles to O’Neill (way to go Charlotte). Thanks to you all.

David_BoyerDavid Boyer: Until he retired to Maine, David Boyer spent most of his working life teaching sociology at Marietta College. While at Marietta College, he was also active in administration, serving as chair of the faculty, as a member of faculty council, chairing various committees, and serving as chair of his department. After retirement, he also adjuncted in sociology at the U. of Southern Maine, at University College at Bath, at University College at Rockland, and at U Maine Hutchinson Center.

Dave has been a member of Senior College for three years, has taken several courses, served as a classroom assistant, and was voted as a replacement board member in April, 2015. He enjoys reading, biking, and working out on his C2 rowing machine.

Cathy_BradburyCathy Bradbury: Following High School in Old Town, Maine, I was a Stewardess with American Airlines for 7 years, based in Washington, DC.  When I married and returned to Maine in 1966 (stewardesses could not be married at the time), I began working for the University of Maine as secretary to one of the department heads.  Two years later, I became the administrative assistant to the Dean of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, and one year after that, AA to the Vice President for Research and Public Service.  My boss at the time, left the University of Maine, and I decided to leave and see what it was like to work for a “profit motivated” group in the real world.  That brought me to Belfast, my real estate license, the purchase of the Carriage House Inn in Searsport, and owning and managing a B&B for seven years. Then my former boss at the University of Maine became the new president and asked me to come back and work with him.  I did that until he retired, worked with the new president for a little over a year, and was asked to go to Belfast to temporarily work with the new Director of the center that MBNA had just built there that would offer UMaine courses. After two weeks of working with Jim Patterson, I was sold — in what he had planned for the institution, and on his leadership. I asked the president for a transfer and worked with Jim as the Hutchinson Center developed and Senior College became a reality.I have served as secretary to the first board (unofficially), registrar, membership, curriculum, prepared the first brochure for print, designed the note cards that are still used today, made cookies every time Mary Frenning asked, and have loved every minute of it; almost! I was elected to a 3-year term on the board in 2012.

Rendle_A_JonesRendle A. Jones: Rendle A. Jones is the senior partner in the Camden law firm of Harmon, Jones & Sanford, LLP.  He has practiced in Camden since 1968 and devotes most of his practice to business and estate planning and probate and trust administration, the latter including client asset management and small private foundation asset management. Rendle has served as a director, officer, and chairman of private, public governmental, and NGO boards. He is a former director of Camden National Corporation and its subsidiaries and was Chairman for twelve years.  He continues to serve on Pen Bay Healthcare committees, the Camden Conference board, and Senior College board (elected to a 3-year term in 2012).  His wife, Pat, is a former director of Senior College.

Barbara_KlieBarbara Klie: I’ve been coming to Belfast Maine since 1992, when my sister Danya moved here from AK. I remember when she would come for her monthly visit to me in NH and sometimes cut it short due to this new interest of hers, Senior College. I would say, “can’t you just skip a class?” No, she could not, and now, after moving to Belfast in 2008 and taking Senior College classes myself, I understand why she didn’t want to miss a precious class. Besides taking one or two classes almost every session, I have helped in the office, been classroom assistant, and gathered volunteers back in the days when mailings were done through snail mail. Computer programming and nursing (LPN) were part of my early work history. The last 17 years of my employment experience were at a private school for children with multiple disabilities, where I worked with speech therapists as the technology specialist. I feel I am not too much a big picture thinker, but one who likes to deal with details. I have been on one board in the past, for a 501(c)3 women’s chorus. Some interests of mine since I’ve been living in Belfast include singing with HeartSong (we sing for Hospice patients and others who are failing in health), doing Hospice volunteer work, clearing invasive plants at a preserve, and gardening.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElisabeth Pollock (2 yr. term): Before retiring to Belfast in 2013, I worked for almost 30 years in Chicago, first conducting clinical research primarily in ophthalmics, and then as a medical writer for clinical research in a variety of drug and nutraceutical products. I had previously spent my time as a basic researcher in immunology in California after completing a Ph.D. in immunopathology at Duke University in North Carolina. Since I had my choice of places to live in retirement, I decided to move to the Midcoast of Maine, an area I had always been attracted to, after vacations in Maine and 2 years working in neighboring Nova Scotia early in my career. Belfast presented an appealing option, approximately the right size with a number of activities directed toward the older population. Chief among these was Senior College. I joined in January 2014, and have taken classes and participated in a number of Special Events ever since. Starting in the fall of 2014 I have been volunteering as part of the “Office Crew”, specifically as the “Name Tag Lady”, a position I plan to continue to fill. I have found the College to be a friendly and interesting experience, a great addition to my life, and look forward to my continued participation, including service on the Board.

Dick_ToppingDick Topping: Dick Topping graduated from Lehigh University with a B.A. in History in 1959. After having been stationed in West Berlin at the height of the Berlin Crisis (1961 – 62), he received his M.A. in Public Law & Government from Columbia University in 1964. He then spent 30 years at CIA – becoming a senior analyst for both Soviet domestic politics and Soviet/Russian foreign affairs. Upon retiring, Dick and his wife Mary Ann moved to Belfast where they have lived for 20 years. Dick has served on the city’s Comprehensive Plan Committee (1996 – 99) and Zoning Board of Appeals (2000 – present), and on the Camden Conference’s Board of Directors (2002 – 08). He and Mary Ann have traveled extensively – to the former Soviet Union, post-Communist Russia and Ukraine, China, Mongolia, and many other countries. Finally, Dick has taught seven courses at Belfast Senior College since 2008 – primarily on National Security & U.S. Intelligence Issues, or about Russia’s Evolution under President Vladimir Putin.

Joe Veilleux-125Joe Veilleux: Beyond the fantasized stint as attorney general of Paraguay, the appearance as the Major General in the D’Oyly Carte production of “Pirates of Penzance”, and the weeks I spent as bass player for Devo, my particulars are:

I was born in Waterville ME in 1948, graduated from Waterville High 1966, received a B.S. in biology from UM Farmington 1973, spent 35 years as teacher of biology, botany and anatomy in Baileyville HS, Rockland HS, Hartland JHS and Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield.  My hobbies include gardening, field botany, and cooking.

I have taught courses in Hobby Botany at the Belfast Senior College and participate in French classes and botany related courses there.


Five Proposed Bylaw Changes

1. p. 6 Article V, Section 4, currently reads: Trustees may serve no more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms.

Proposed change: Trustees may serve no more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms; after an hiatus of at least three years, members may be re-elected for another one (1) or two (2) three-year term(s).

Rationale: This addition specifies the length of time a member of senior college must be off the board to again be eligible to be a board member.

2. p. 7 Article V, new Section 7 (current Section 7 becomes Section 8, etc.).

Proposed addition: Members of the Board of Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings. Board members who must miss more than three board meetings per year should consider resigning her/his position.

Rationale: There are generally 10-11 board meetings per year, and missing more than three (3) of those would not only compromise a board member’s ability to function effectively, it also compromises the ability of the board to function as a team.

3. p. 7 Article VI, Section 2, currently reads: The President shall serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Senior College, the corporation, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee and shall preside at all meetings. The President shall have the authority, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, to appoint standing and special committees and their Chairs and disband special committees upon completion of their tasks.

Proposed change: The President shall serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Senior College, the corporation, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee and shall preside at all meetings. The President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, appoints standing and special committees and their Chairs and disbands special committees upon completion of their tasks.

Rationale: This makes it clearer that the President acts in tandem with the board in appointing committees and chairs, etc.

4. p. 8, Article VII, Section 1 A, currently reads: The duties of the Standing Committees shall be such as are delegated to it by the Board of Trustees and shall include consideration of and recommendations regarding issues presented to it by the Board of Trustees.

Proposed change: The duties of the Standing Committees (listed below) shall be such as are delegated to it by the Board of Trustees and shall include consideration of and recommendations regarding issues presented to it by the Board of Trustees.

Rationale: The words “listed below” make it clearer which committees are the “Standing Committees,” viz., those listed below (pp. 8-9).

5. p. 10 Article VII, Section 9, currently reads: Registrar, A. The Registrar shall manage the enrollment of all students each term. B. The Registrar shall attend Board of Trustees meetings.

Proposed change: drop B: “The Registrar shall attend Board of Trustee meetings.”

Rationale: It is not clear why the Registrar was required to attend Board of Trustee meetings in the first place, except that it used to be the case (and no longer is) that all committee chairs were required to attend board meetings. In addition, the new registrar, Robin Kruger, does not want to attend, nor does she see any need to attend board meetings.