A Different Look at War through Film

Instructor:  Paul Sheridan

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Class limit 50

Many movies have been made about wars of course, it is a recurring theme in human history. We will review/preview ones that are made by smaller studios or independent makers, and in a variety of countries. Using a mix of trailers, short clips, and at least one complete short movie per class, we’ll discuss the causes and aftermaths of war, as well as its effects on non-combatants. We will add lots of notes, links, and titles to help you watch the complete films on your own.

Class limit 50

Paul Sheridan has a BA in art and an MFA in photography, and in the many years he managed a large teaching photo lab for the City University of New York, he also found time to take in the film fare offered by various museums, film societies, foundations, and movie houses. He continues that practice using the local library system. He has been making photographs for more than forty years and at Senior College he has taught several well-received courses, notably on photography, driver safety, and films.