Art, Nature, and Mathematics

Instructor:  Cyrene Slegona

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Required Materials
  • Class limit 14
  • Class closed

The more we look at nature the more we can find “purposeful design.” Using basic tools, including a ruler, protractor, and compass, we will create art using methods invented by the ancient Greeks, Renaissance and other artists inspired by the nature that surrounds them. We will work with Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Rectangle, Durer’s grid, Latin Squares, Archimedean Spirals, and flexigons to name a few methods/tools. Art examples using these methods will be examined with the majority of class time dedicated to learning how to construct with such methods and create our own art work with them. If this course is interesting, it meets your ability level. This course is offered to inspire creativity using intriguing tools of mathematics to interpret nature around and in each of us. A willingness to both explore and to play with ideas is an asset.

Class limit 14.

Required materials: Assorted drawing pencils, ruler (metric and standard), 9” x 12” sketch pad and journal.

Cyrene Slegona has taught elementary and middle school for more than 30 years in southern Maine. She integrated the visual arts across the curriculum, receiving national grants to fund various projects. Using her passion as a naturalist, she continually finds ways to use mathematics and art to see the world around us in unique ways.