The Beauty of Mathematics Through Puzzles

Instructor:  Patrick Lorenz

  • Thursday Afternoon
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Have you always loved math or enjoyed working on math puzzles? In this course, we will have fun working through puzzles, illustrating the ideas of timeless mathematics, including topics such as irrational numbers, the question of zero, infinity, imaginary numbers, and beyond. This course will stimulate the imagination, enlighten understanding, and broaden your knowledge as we explore problems that illustrate the beauty and magic of math. If you never pursued formal math training, no problem here. Let a professor of mathematics lead you into a wondrous world that Alice saw through the looking glass, logical and yet surprising. This 4-week course explores ideas and concepts of mathematics, illustrated and taught through easily understood problems and their enlightening solutions. Please join us for a great time.

Patrick Lorenz is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Maine Maritime Academy and has taught there for the last 12 years. Prior to this, he was a biomedical researcher for many years and then worked for a large IT firm, most all of which was done within the Washington, D.C., area. Dr. Lorenz’ current research interests include the mathematical modeling of the extraction of energy from ocean waves.