Beginner iPhone and iPad for Seniors

Instructor:  Wendy Kasten

  • Thursday Afternoon
  • 1:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Class limit 25
  • Required text
  • Class Full, registration closed

This class is designed for iPhone and iPad users who seek greater experience with the myriad capabilities of their devices. (this class is NOT for Android devices). People taking this class must own either an ipad or iphone (or both), bring it to class fully charged, activated with your carrier (in the case of iphones), and have established an AppleID and password. If you have a brand new device, and this is your first, you can call Apple at 1-800-692-7753 to setup your ID and password. To download “APPS” you need to have a credit card, even if you only download free APPS to obtain the text prior to the course beginning, either locally or online. Each of the four sessions will be devoted to different capabilities: getting to know settings, passcodes, and updates; opening and closing devices; using SIRI; downloading APPS; using the calendar; video calls; checking weather; shopping; reading; travel; researching; using the camera; storing and sharing photos; text messaging; music; and games.

Class limit 25. Required text: “Iphone for Seniors in Easy Steps,” Author: Nick Vandome. ISBN: 13-978-1840787917. Around $11.00 on Amazon.

Wendy C. Kasten (Professor Emerita, Kent State University) has taught a variety of classes for Senior College, including classes in multicultural literature, culture, language arts, and online dating for mature beginners. Kasten has been an enthusiastic owner and user of ipads and iphones for a decade. She loves her ipad and iphone!