Evolution and Human Society: A Guided Discussion

Instructor:  Dick Brown

  • Thursday afternoon
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm
  • Text required
  • Class limit of 20

In the time frame of our tenure on earth it is only moments ago that Charles Darwin challenged the foundations of much of human thinking. It is not surprising that we have yet to truly grasp this momentous change, particularly as it pertains to human society. This course is intended to provide an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion of the changes in our thinking that Darwin, and others, has brought about. A recently published book by the instructor will serve as an entry point to this discussion.

Class limited to 20

Required text: “Evolution and Us: A Poetic Inquiry into the Nature of Change,” by Richard E. Brown, ISBN 978-1-947758-00-1, available at Amazon or from the author, $12.95

Richard E. Brown is a retired music teacher, having spent thirty-nine years in the public schools of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. He holds degrees from Boston University and the University of Connecticut. He has also taught at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, the University of Maine, and Senior College in Belfast Maine. In his retirement he has turned to exploring and writing about a wide range of subjects. He has recently published a book of poems entitled “Evolution and Us: A poetic Inquiry into the Nature of Change.”