Exploring Pie Through the “Eyes” of Anthropology

Instructor:  Elaine Potoker

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Class Limit 15
  • Required Text

Pie: Who doesn’t have a favorite one or many? Ah…the traditions, the stories, the ingredients and the aromas: Bring all your pie memories—savory and sweet, current and past, to this class. Plan to focus on cultural and other influences on the artisanry of pie in many of its unique varieties and forms. First, we will consider why and if pie deserves to be cameoed in anthropological discussions. Subsequently, we will talk about history and lore related to types of pies. At the conclusion, and maybe along the way with the help of pie fanatics, we’re probably going to have to eat some pie. Nothing like pie to warm the soul in Winterim.

Class limit 15

Required text: “Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust” by Anne Dimock. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2005. ISBN-13:978-0-7407-5465-4 (or ISBN-10 0-7407-5465-3). Please read the “Foreword” before the first class and bring the text to class.

Elaine S. Potoker (B.A. SUNY, Potsdam, N.Y.; MAT University of Chicago; Ph.D The Ohio State University) is Professor Emerita of Business from Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine, USA., having taught in both their graduate and undergraduate programs for 17 years. Her academic background includes a concentration in cultural anthropology that she credits for informing all of her life’s activities, past and present.

Dr. Potoker has distinguished herself in the following areas through publications, awards, work experience, and consultancies: in Strategic Planning, International Business, Marketing Research, Organizational Development, Cross-Cultural Training, and Workforce Development. Most recently she taught a very successful Winterim course, “Branding: Its Impact on Politics, Business, and Careers.” Dr. Potoker is Founder and Owner since 1993 of Interloqui, a business development consulting firm (www.interloqui.com). She is also a two time Fulbright award recipient (Costa Rica). She resides in Belfast, Maine, with her husband, Ken.