Intro to Permaculture: Design for Life

Instructor:  Cynthia Blackshear

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Class Cancelled

Permaculture is a design methodology rooted in horticulture and agriculture, utilizing both indigenous wisdom and contemporary knowledge. It can be applied to anything, from a home garden or farm, to a manufacturing process, to a city block or entire town. Indeed, many Permaculture practitioners say it informs almost all aspects of their lives.

In this class students will learn about the origin and history of Permaculture, explore the ethics and principles, and be introduced to the analysis and design processes. You will have homework! But I promise it will be fun! (And it’s not required!)

Required Text(s): None, but an extensive suggested reading list will be provided.

Cynthia Blackshear is a lifelong gardener who started exploring Permaculture in 2005 after a career as a software