Loving Boats

Instructor:  Jim Owen

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM

This class will explore how we fall in love with boats, as children and as adults. We will review how songs, books, movies, poetry, and art, as well as seeing beautiful or interesting boats, all impact how we feel about boats. Since loving boats also involves being on them and using them, we will focus on the instructor’s experience with transatlantic crossings, but especially with kayaks and sailboats. We will explore what kinds of boats can be seen here along the coast. Finally we will talk about local resources related to boats including the Wooden Boat School, the Maine Island Trail Association, The Penobscot Marine Museum, and resources right here in Belfast Harbor.

No class limit. No required text.

Jim Owen has been loving boats since he was a child. It took living in Maine as a young adult for Jim to actually use boats. After coming to Maine in the 70’s, Jim sailed with the Lucerne-in-Maine Yacht Racing Union for several years. He has been a member of the Maine Island Trail Association for over 20 years. Thanks to them, Jim learned to love, even respect, using small motor boats while cleaning islands off-shore. Jim has also taken Coast Guard boating safety classes twice, and 3 courses at the Wooden Boating School. He has paddled kayaks in Maine, in California, and off British Columbia. He sails and paddles in Belfast as often as life allows.