“Once Upon a Time…” –Fairytales and Why We Love Them

Instructor:  Nancy Perkins

  • Thursday Afternoon
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Most of us have grown up with Fairy Tales whether from Europe, Asia, Africa, or Native America. These magical tales of humans, animals, or spirits have inspired movies, books, and dramas and remain vivid to many of us today. This class will explore the fairy tale tradition of Western culture and examine some of the inspired tales that continue to fascinate humankind. We will share insights of our favorite stories, read numerous classic tales, and discover the back stories of these creations. From the earliest tales to the Disney classics, we will relive the universal appeal of those stirring words, “once upon a time” and “happily ever after.”

Required text: None, but a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales is encouraged.

Nancy Perkins has had a lifelong love of reading fairytales from all nations. As a child, she spent five years in Germany, primarily in Bavaria, and was introduced to the Grimm Brothers by her German housekeeper. She was given a beautifully illustrated book of the Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, and later, the complete stories of Hans Christian Anderson. These stories fed Nancy’s imagination and interest as a child, and she still loves any story that begins, “Once Upon a Time…” Last semester she taught a highly-regarded course on Greek and Roman mythology here at Senior College.