Pub Quiz (Minus the Brews)

Instructor:  David Greeley

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Class Limit 20

Ever been to a pub quiz? Popular in the UK, it’s a fast moving quiz where each team is presented with ten or more written questions about a particular subject. One round might be matching Maine authors with books, another about geography, another on identifying birds. No questions about TV or sports; these are not your standard trivia questions. Many rounds will feature Maine subjects. The class will make up teams of several each, rounds will be scored with a winner each day. Just for fun, you learn stuff, and there will be a prize for the winning team each session.

No text required. Class limit 20.

David Greeley lives in Jackson and has farmed in Maine for almost 50 years. He grew up in Lexington, MA and attended numerous institutions of higher learning, finally graduating with a BA in Sociology from Boston University. To pay the bills, he held several interesting jobs: Ironworker, Retreat Director, DHS Children’s Protective Caseworker. He received an MPA from the University of Maine because he wanted to be the first socialist Town Manager in Maine. It didn’t happen. He still farms and loves it. He has done a few pub quizzes, and the trick is to have a variety of material so everyone gets into the action. One wants players to be able to answer at least half of the questions each round so no one gets skunked.