The Life and Times of Jane Austen

Instructor:  Peter Reilly

  • Zoom Class
  • 3 sessions, Fridays, 9:30 am – 11:00 am, April 9,16, 23
  • $15

Jane Austen is famous for the six great novels that she wrote. This course will NOT dissect those novels. The novels are of course mentioned, but we will actually explore the personal, family and world environment that influenced her writing. In short the course may be best described as a “prep” course before delving into Jane’s work. We will spend some time on her “juvenilia” ( work written as a teenager or before) and some of her unfinished work.

In summary there should be plenty of material to explore for those just embarking on a Jane Austen book reading spree to even the most ardent “Janeite”. Class discussion will be encouraged, but it’s always a challenge with a Zoom class. We’ll do our best.

Why study Jane Austen? Because she’s funny, extremely bright, really cool and just happens to be one of the Queens of English literature.

Peter Reilly lives in Belfast and has taught several previous courses at the college. He has a BS and MBA from Monmouth University.