The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Instructor:  Karen Gleeson (Please note that Nancy Perkins was scheduled to teach this course with Karen Gleeson, but Nancy will be unable to do so at this time.)

  • Thursday Afternoon
  • 1:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Class Limit 30

As the most married English monarch, Henry Tudor (VIII) and his wives have been the subject of film, song, biographies, novels, as well as of countless articles and publications. We will meet these women, learn their personal stories, and discuss their roles as Queens of England as well as their relationships with Henry.

Class limit of 30. No required text.

Karen Gleeson has had a lifelong interest in history and culture, particularly English history. She received one of 3 MA’s in Museum Education which included 10 years of working in historic interpretation. Her passion for the Tudors will bring knowledgeable insights to this course. Karen has moderated classes at Senior College on end of life planning. She also has enjoyed numerous classes as well.