Visual Thinking with a Camera (Part II)

Instructor:  Jim Kosinski

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Digital camera & laptop required
  • Class Limit 12
  • Class closed

Developing your visual dialogue continues with a more in-depth approach to camera use along with post camera editing and creating a project. In this engaging workshop, you’ll become more comfortable in capturing meaningful photos, and photo software will be demystified (using the free program for the PC platform, or any program you may have that includes similar tools, and the features of curves, levels, saturation, layers, and history).

Class Limit: 12

Required materials: A digital camera and laptop

Jim Kosinski has been a photography educator for decades, having taught classes and workshops at colleges, schools, art centers, and museums throughout the Northeast since the 1970s. His presentations on “good humor with a camera” are ongoing at a variety of organizations in Mid-coast Maine. He invented the Merlin Paintcan Pinhole Camera that is used in photo & art classrooms throughout the world.