Watersheds of Waldo

Instructor:  Fred Bowers

  • Zoom Class
  • 4 sessions, 10am to 11:30am, Tuesdays, March 9, 16, 23, 30
  • Limit 20
  • $15

A watershed is a land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers, and eventually to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays, and the ocean. Waldo County is comprised of nine watersheds that discharge to rivers or to the sea.

Watershed boundaries are not always obvious to the residents and tourists who explore and travel throughout the county. We all probably know something about watersheds, but in this course we will learn about the physical processes that form watersheds, how watersheds are mapped and how we rely on them for food and fiber.

We will understand the importance of watersheds with regard to water supply, environmental health, and wildlife. We will also examine how watersheds impact human land use patterns and flooding. Each student will be provided with a watershed map that can easily be viewed using Google Earth or other GIS software tools.

4 sessions, 10am to 11:30am, Tuesdays, March 9, 16, 23, 30

Fred Bowers holds a Ph.D. in Forest Soils from the University of Washington in Seattle. His research work in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska required understanding soil science, geology, mineralogy, chemistry, and forest ecology and soil mapping. Prior to that, he earned a M.S. in agronomy and soil pedology from Rutgers University. After 27 years working as a Research Scientist for the New Jersey DEP, he retired and moved to Belfast. He has taught classes at Senior College course relating to local rocks, soils and landscapes.