How to Start a Wine Tasting Group, Thursday, July 12

Instructor:  Wendy C Kasten & Julie Della Matera

  • Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • 9:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Class limit of 14
  • Morning snack, bring a bag lunch
  • Class canceled

Because they wanted to be more knowledgeable about wines, Wendy and Julie decided to form a wine tasting group in 2011. In a group of 6 persons, they first took a “Teaching Company Great Courses” DVD course called The Everyday Guide to Wine. Once a month, a different group member would host the event and at the end of the 24 lectures (yes, two wine and food-filled years), no one wanted to stop getting together to explore wines. First of all, they realized there was still so very much to learn; the world of wines is vast and extraordinarily interesting. Second, the group was having so much fun. We felt we knew enough to set our own curriculum. The group is still active.

This is a one-day summer class. In the morning, come to learn simple steps to organize a wine tasting group with ideas for tasting, pairing, and themes to explore. Pack your lunch, because when we break for lunch at 11:30 at the Hutchinson Center, we will carpool to the Cellar Door Winery tasting room in Lincolnville for a private explanation of their wine making process and tasting some of their Maine grown grapes and Maine-made wines. Come spend a lovely summer day with us!

Wendy C Kasten (retired Professor or Education) is a wine enthusiast and frequent instructor and student at Belfast Senior College. Wendy and co-instructor started a wine group 7 years ago which has been very successful.

Julie Della Matera (Associate Professor, Univ. of Maine and Department Chair), another wine enthusiast, has recently become old enough to participate in Belfast Senior College! She co-founded the wine group to which both instructors belong.