Winterizing Your Yard and Gardens in Fall

Instructor:  Jean Vose

  • Thursday Morning
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM

This course will cover monthly to-do lists for gardens and lawns, general overall yard care/preparation, and lastly, we’ll answer the question about where the pollinators and birds go in winter. It is a slideshow presentation.

Jean Vose is a Master Gardener, certified horticulturist and backyard beekeeper living in Nobleboro where she has created gardens to attract pollinators as well as the other beneficial creatures. The original homestead, established in 1910, features a farmhouse of that era bounded by more than 10 acres of open fields and mixed woods. The gardens feature vegetables, herbs, ornamental grasses, trees, and shady spots. Most of her gardens have been established for 18 years. Altogether, she has been gardening for more than 35 years and beekeeping for 33. She is an experienced speaker who likes to share her passions for gardening, pollinator watching, and beekeeping.