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Corona Chronicles Archives - Belfast Senior College

In April of 2020 Janet Williams and I created Corona Chronicles as a way for members of Senior College and the Senior community to stay in touch during the Covid 19 pandemic. We were happily surprised at the response and so very impressed with the creativity, quality, subject matter, and talent of the people who submitted items. We received book reviews, recipes, poems, stories, essays, photographs, works of art, and observations from so many of you. These were all published via email and are archived with Senior College.

A few months ago we observed that contributions had slowed down to a trickle and that perhaps the time had come to no longer publish the Chronicles. While we will miss reading and viewing the articles, poems, photographs, and works of art we hope that we can capture some of the talent in our Senior College community with a quarterly or bi-yearly publication. Stay tuned!

If you have ideas to submit, please contact Nancy Perkins at

Thank you – Nancy Perkins, President