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Fall Course Offerings - 2020 - Belfast Senior College

Here is an archival listing of our Fall 2020 online course offerings.

Welcome to the Fall 2020 virtual session of Belfast Senior College via Zoom video teleconferencing.

Annual membership fee is $25.00, valid Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, and is required for all courses, except summer, which is free. Zoom classes are priced as follows.

    1 session class – $10
    2-4 sessions class – $15
    5-6 sessions class – $20

This fall, all registrations are on-line only as we cannot process mail-in registrations due to Covid-19. All messages will be forwarded to the registrar. Please note that you are now responsible for purchasing the text(s) or materials, if required for your course.

You must be a member of a Maine Senior College to take a course. The membership year runs from Aug. 1 to July 31, so last year’s membership is expired and the membership fee is required. Take a look at all the classes, and after you’ve decided on the ones you are interested in, fill out our quick and easy registration form. No login necessary.

Zoom Classes

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[classlist semester=”fall-2020″ timeframe=”zoom-class”]