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Summer 2020 Virtual Online Courses - Belfast Senior College

Dear Senior College friends,

While Senior College still hopes to offer “in person” classes in September, we realize this might not be possible or prudent. In this case, we will offer a variety of online classes through Zoom. If you are new to Zoom please be assured it is easy to use and will give us the opportunity to connect with one another in a new way.

In order to prepare for a possible “Online Fall” we have scheduled several online classes in the next few months using Zoom, including a Zoom training course on June 2.

Register for the ZOOM 1-2-3 and the June courses by going to our summer registration page and completing the registration form. All classes are free of charge.

You will receive an email acknowledgement that you are in the class or on a waiting list. In addition we will forward some useful information for learning the Zoom application.

Before your class/course begins, you will receive an invitation to participate. On the day and time of the class/course, all you have to do is click on the link in that email and you should be connected to the ZOOM class. If you can, try the link before the class to make sure everything is working OK on your end, and if you run into a problem email us at

Remember you can participate in a brief training before the start of the June courses to give you a chance to learn or get more comfortable with ZOOM. We know that we will all enjoy seeing one another again and taking part in online learning.

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