E-News February 2020


Spring semester, March 26 – April 30.
Watch for course listings in the E-news and on the website.

Hi Everyone –

Well we got through our first snow day and let’s hope that’s it – BUT!… We do live in Maine! Our procedure on snow days is to post the closing on our website (usually by 6:30 a.m. the day of closing) and then to send an email to all members. If you did not get an email this time, first check your spam or promotions folders to be sure it’s not going there. Then be sure we have your correct email address. Our Winterim semester has been one of our best attended ever and we still have our one day courses coming up. They are as follows:

February 12th, Wednesday The Sequoia – a Guest Celebrity – Learn about this historic Presidential yacht that has come to Belfast for a refit. Its past, present and future – Peter Reilly and Todd French, Sequoia Project Manager and owner of French and Webb.

February 14th, Friday, Be Your Own Personal Knitting Designer – Learn to make your own knitting pattern and to use the pattern for your own design. Class limit 18 – Jane Liebler.

February 20th, Thursday, The Fundamentals of Civic Discourse – A class for those who want to contribute to restoring civility in our public and private discourse – Rev. John Nieman.

Our one day courses run from 9:30am to 3pm, coffee and cookies are supplied and the fee is $20. These all look like fun and informative days, so treat yourself and sign up.

We are again looking for instructors. This spring we could still use a few more classes, so if you have something in mind and can get it together by this spring, let us know. Also, if you have taught before and would like to repeat a past course – let’s do it! Our website has a Tab where you can find a Course Proposal form, which can easily be submitted online.

Thank you for completing our survey this semester. The results, which we will share with you, will help your Board of Directors focus on what you feel is important whether it’s the courses, the activities, the social, or whatever. If you missed the survey, you may stop into the office and pick up one if you like.

Again, thanks for coming this semester. Your Curriculum Committee is busy putting together our spring schedule and will be announcing the courses sometime in the next few weeks. The Semester starts March 26th.


Peter F. Reilly

Winterim is well underway and if the number of enrollees is any indication it has been a most successful session with enthusiastic and talented instructors offering a variety of educational and fun courses.

The Curriculum Committee is nearing completion of the course selection for the Spring Session and once again it appears we will have an exciting schedule of classes with something for everyone. The biggest problem I foresee is selecting which courses in which to enroll. Courses on art, literature, history, science, government, as well as offerings on practical knowledge, are all part of the curriculum for Spring. Check the website in a few weeks to review the list. Sign-up information also will be posted.

While it is early to be thinking “summer” we are fortunate to have a wonderful Summer Session in the works. You won’t want to miss summer courses at Senior College in 2020!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that we are fortunate to have so many talented and generous individuals so willing to share their knowledge teaching at Senior College! Thank you all for what you do.

Nancy Perkins, Chair