E-news May 2018

As always, the Festival of Art needs Senior College volunteers to help with serving at the Greeter’s Table, as Security Guards, and making some type of light finger food for the opening night gala. If you can give us an hour or two sometime during the four days of the event, or contribute something in the food area, we would be sincerely grateful. Please contact Cathy Bradbury at 223-4459, or by e-mail at cathy_bradbury@umit.maine.edu.

The show this year will be a bit different, so we hope you will plan to join us for the opening night on Thursday, June 7, on Saturday for the screening of “I Know A Man … Ashley Bryan,” or just to view the 153 pieces of outstanding work by Maine artists over the age of 50. We look forward to seeing you! And, many thanks for whatever you are able to do to help.

Cathy Bradbury, Chair

Registration is open for summer 2018 courses.


Dear Senior College members,

You sometimes hear people joke that now they are retired, they are so busy they don’t know how they ever found time to work. I sometimes feel that way myself. But retirement is different. For one thing, there is more free time between things. And, now being volunteers, we can always bow out when necessary. Volunteers bowing out was frustrating to me in my work as a minister. But now, being a volunteer myself, I appreciate the freedom.

We enjoy our retirement freedom, but freedom for what? Most of us still want to do things that make a difference. Midcoast Maine, and the Belfast area in particular, offers a wealth of opportunities for active seniors. Senior College is one of the best and most rewarding. I know it has been for me. I started out just teaching and later took some classes, joined a committee, helped with the Festival of Art, was elected to the board, and now serve as an officer, which has put me right in the middle of everything. At the beginning, I had no idea of how many opportunities there would be and how many new friends I would make.

We are extremely grateful for the many volunteers who make Senior College work, many serving in multiple capacities. But every year we also have many new members who might enjoy getting further involved. Being a totally volunteer organization of over 500 members, running year-round, producing 60 classes and other events, and having to finance ourselves, the need for help, expertise, and commitment is huge. Some of the work is year-round – for instance, serving on the board, or taking one of the regular jobs, such as registrar or office manager. Some takes lots of preparation – I am thinking about teaching. Other jobs are one-time. Help greet newcomers on opening day, assist with Festival of Art. And some are ongoing but have limited responsibilities – such as serving as a class assistant.

Serving one of our seven standing committees is one idea: archives, curriculum, finance, fundraising, nominating, publicity, and special events. If you have an interest or expertise in any of these areas, you can stop by the office or send a note to info@belfastseniorcollege.org, and we will put you in touch with the right person. Special Events is now looking for someone to coordinate carpooling, Publicity needs people to spread the word into different parts of our service area. All have ongoing work to focus on. Also, since we are purchasing refreshments from the Waldo County Technical Center, we need volunteers to pick up, deliver, set-up and clean-up.

Enjoy your summer,

Arlin Larson

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the Senior College Board of Trustees for 2019-2021 (three-year term). One may nominate another member, or oneself.

The nomination must be on a completed Nomination Form found on the Senior College website, or one may pick up a form in Senior College office, which is open Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm when classes are not in session. Completed forms may be returned to the office or sent to the Chair of the Nominating Committee: taber59602@yahoo.com.

Jim Taber, Chair

Outing to Rockland and Cushing

The Special Events Committee is tentatively planning a trip to Rockland and Cushing in September to enjoy the Wyeth Experience. We expect the trip to be Friday, September 28. The trip will be limited to just 10 lucky individuals and will include a brief introduction to selected paintings at the Wyeth Center of the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, then a van will take us to the Olsen House in Cushing, the place where Andrew Wyeth painted over 300 scenes during 30 years. The cost will be $35 for Farnsworth Museum members, and $50 for non-members. Because reservations must be made soon for that date, I need some indication of how many senior college members may be interested. Please email me or call and let me know 1) if you may be interested in going, and 2) if you are a member of the Farnsworth Museum. Thanks!

Martha Laitin 323-2368 or marthalaitin@yahoo.com.