E-News January 2020

Please note that Karen Gleeson will be teaching The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Nancy Perkins is unable to teach this Winterim.

Register for classes on the Senior College website.

Winterim classes will soon be underway and if you haven’t registered do so today! There are some great choices as well as three outstanding 1-day courses available this session. We hope to see many familiar as well as new faces on January 16. Remember, it is both fun and exciting meeting new people, learning new topics, and gathering weekly at the Hutchinson Center. In addition, coffee, tea, and yummy cookies are served!

The Committee will focus on Spring proposals beginning this month and if you have a course you would like to offer please submit your proposal as soon as possible. If you have questions regarding a potential proposal please give one of the Curriculum Committee members a call or send an email. We would love to discuss your ideas and offer assistance in any way possible. Good, interesting courses assure that Senior College remains vital and viable.

Nancy Perkins, Chair

Dear Members:

As I am writing to you, plans are being made to convene a meeting of all the Senior Colleges in Maine at the Hutchinson Center in May of 2020. There has always been a formal network of the colleges, but it has not been effectively active in recent years. For too long the various colleges have not met to exchange ideas, thoughts and problems. Just as life is sometimes too complicated for one person to think of everything, the same holds true for an organization. We look forward to sharing our successes and challenges with other colleges while at the same time learning new ways of doing things. The effort to get this convention together has been initiated and guided by members of our college and the staff of the Hutchinson Center. The meeting will be held in the Hutchinson Center and that is a good thing. Most of the seventeen other Senior Colleges in the state do not have a facility that matches the Hutchinson Center. Imagine, as at many senior colleges in the state, if we had to hold classes in different facilities and at different times throughout the community. There would be no social breaks where the morning and afternoon students meet to discuss classes, catch up with each other or to make new friends. The advanced technology in our classrooms, which is used by so many members of our faculty, might not be available to us. As the year progresses we will keep you posted on the latest news from gathering the Senior Colleges throughout the state for a meeting.

By now I hope you have registered for a course this Winterim Semester. Registrations are coming in quite strongly, but we still have a challenge for you. We’ve known for quite a while that our best advertising is by “word of mouth” – friends telling friends. Could you please talk up the college and let’s see if we each can bring in one new member in 2020. On a regular basis we are constantly bringing new members in, but we can always have more. It feeds on itself. The more members we have, the more potential instructors and the more stable our finances – the Hutchinson Center is not cheap to rent! So let’s all try to bring in a new member this year.

I look forward to seeing everyone during classes this Winterim. In the mean time, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


Peter F. Reilly

Special Events Committee

Special Events Committee presents a warm British comedy for a cold winter day. Sunday, January 19, 2:00 to 4:00 pm a free film, Dad’s Army (2016) will be shown in the Abbott Room of the Belfast Free Library. Introduced by Paul Sheridan, Senior College film instructor, the film is set at the end of World War II involving a Home Guard platoon, a female journalist, and a German spy.

January 30, 11:45-12:45
Meg Reilly
Decorative Ropework

For centuries, sailing ships were the primary means of transport of goods and people. Sailors often had considerable spare time on long passages. To alleviate boredom, sailors developed the intricate art of decorative ropework. Traditional maritime ropework has a practical function such as serving as a mat, heaving line, or stopper knot. Meg Reilly will teach students about the rope work practiced by sailors, the tools used, and will tie simple decorative knots such as the monkey’s fist and turk’s head. Materials will be provided by Meg.

Since there is a class size limit, this one hour free class will be offered to the first ten students who sign up with Barbara Klie, either by calling 338-5316 (if leaving a message, be sure to leave a return phone number) or by emailing her at barbaraklie@yahoo.com.

Meg learned her first knots as a girl sailing with her parents and siblings on Frenchman’s Bay. She currently resides in Belfast where she ties full time.

Archives Committee

The Archives Committee needs two or three volunteers for the following activities:

Photos: Identify and catalogue digital photos.

Digital records: Consolidate and make hard copy of some.

Paper records: Make digital copies of critical documents.

Detective work: Search for missing records.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping out, please contact Arlin Larson, chair, at arlintlarson@gmail.com.