E-news July 2018

Don’t forget about summer classes!

Five classes are being offered in July and August. Complete details and registration are available on the Senior College website. Course registration is $20 per class. Once again, the SC membership fee is waived for summer classes, plus all ages are welcome.

Re-thinking the Carter Presidency
Tuesday, July 10th. Bob Rackmales

How to Start a Wine Tasting Group
Thursday, July 12th. Wendy C Kasten & Julie Della Matera

Introduction to Meditation
Thursday, July 19th. Diana Maria Chapin

Guided Meditations on the Chakra System
Thursday, July 26th. Diana Maria Chapin

Medicinal Plants of Maine
Tuesday, August 7th. Steve Byers

Fall Classes

Our Fall course lineup is complete with some very exciting new classes, and one much requested old one. You’ll have to check out the online information to discover which one it is! Also, we have two one-day classes. The Fall Course Catalog will be available on the Senior College website by the first of August. You can enroll either online or by calling the Senior College office at 338-8033. All calls are forwarded to the registrar all the time.

Summer is finally here so enjoy every minute of it if you can; that’s why we live in Maine!

Mark your calendars!

Free showing of “The Journey” (2016)
Sunday, August 5, 2:00 pm
Abbott Room, Belfast Free Library

Based on fact, this film imagines the conversation that lead to peace in Northern Ireland. In 2006, the bloody Troubles had dragged on for 40 years. The Catholic Republican and the Protestant Unionist sides have finally agreed to talk face-to-face. Unfortunately, firebrand Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney), are long-time implacable enemies. However with talks about to start, Paisley is determined to attend his wedding anniversary at home, and McGuinness decides he must accompany his enemy on that trip, so as not to abandon this chance for peace. This is a dramatization of that journey that changed the course of history, and led to a unified Northern Ireland under the combined leadership of both men.

Special film introduction will be given regarding the part played by Maine Senator George Mitchell in mediating the final peace agreements.

16th Annual Festival of Art

The Festival of art was held June 7-10 with 139 local artists exhibiting their work. We incorporated some new ideas this year and judging from the response, they were well received.

Many thanks to local guitarist, Eric Bishop, and the Belfast Bay Fiddlers for providing great entertainment. Also, thanks to Younity Winery & Vineyards for the wine tasting.

On Saturday afternoon, the film “I Know a Man…..Ashley Bryan” was spectacular and very well attended.

Our new Sunday afternoon program for artists-only was enthusiastically received, and will be continued next year.

As always, thanks and appreciation to members of the Committee and all the wonderful volunteers who welcomed our guests at the Greeter Table, walked the area as Security Guards, and provided all the delicious food at our opening night table.

Catherine Bradbury, Chair
Festival of Art Committee