E-News November 2019

Last month we talked about being in the middle of a very successful semester. Now that the fall semester has ended a review of your course evaluations indicate everyone certainly enjoyed their classes. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time seems to go. If it’s true that “time flies when you’re having fun,” then we must be having a blast at Senior College! After my little talk with each class a number of very good ideas were suggested. I’ll review a few.

  1. Provide community service opportunities. This is something your Board of Trustees will be discussing. As some of you may know we used to have a Community Service Committee, but a lack of volunteers who would lead forced us to drop that aspect of the College. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.
  2. Opportunities to take more classes. This has always been a desire. “I took this class, but also wanted to take that class” is an all too familiar refrain during break. We’re constricted by the number of days and classrooms we have available to us at the Hutchinson Center, so adding more classes is not as easy as it sounds. Not to mention the issue of asking so much more from our instructors who put in an incredible amount of time in preparation and teaching. All that said we will always continue to look for new ideas to expand the course offerings. If you have any thoughts or ideas please send them in. Maybe we can experiment with something and it will be great.
  3. More handicap parking. We’ll work on this, but in the meantime, we would ask all of us who don’t mind walking a little, to use the lower parking area. Let’s keep the spaces closest to the building for those who need them.

If I were applying for college today, Senior College would be my Number 1, Dream Choice – no exams, no homework, no report cards, no attendance requirements, lots of free cookies and everyone gets an “A” !!! Yet, there can be no doubt the college in its unique setting provides the best of top notch courses and “intellectual stimulation,” coupled with a wonderful venue for socializing and fun. All of us come to the Hutchinson Center steeped in a lifetime of experiences and relationships. I am always impressed with all the discussion that takes place at break and in the classrooms, with so many different people coming together – the discourse is always civil and respectful of other viewpoints. People listen to each other. It is truly refreshing in the somewhat topsy turvy world we live in today.

Thank you for making Senior College what it is.

Peter F. Reilly

Archives Committee

Senior College Handbooks

The Archives Committee is looking for Senior College Handbooks from years prior to 2016. Did you happen to save a copy of any? If so, please bring it (them) to the Senior College office so they can be added to our records. The Handbooks are important because they contain information on such things as Senior College policies and what people served in various capacities.

Thank you,
Arlin Larson, Chair
Archives Committee