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Course Proposal Form - Belfast Senior College

Would you like to offer a course at the Senior College? Please fill out the form below, or download the form as a printable PDF and mail it to the address on the form. We highly recommend that you read the Instructors Guide, or contact Deirdre Good at

If you would like to offer an online class, please use this other form.

Course Proposal Form 2022
Please note that required text(s) and course materials are purchased by each student, not Senior College. If you require a text, list the author, title, and ISBN if a specific edition is required. If you require course materials (e.g., art supplies) provide a list of those and stipulate whether you will supply the materials and the students will purchase them from you, or whether students must secure them on their own. Please include an estimated price for any purchase the student must make, or an exact amount if they are purchasing from you.
Usually only for art, language and small group discussion classes. If you do set a limit, the maximum you can allow would be appreciated.
For use in the course catalog, please give us a sketch or summary of your educational background and personal experience that suggest why you are qualified to be able to teach this course or are particularly interested in the topic.
Please indicate dates you prefer, starting with the most preferred date.
Fall, winter and spring Senior College courses are taught on Thursdays. The fall semester begins on the third Thursday in September, winter session on the third Thursday in January, and spring session on the third or fourth Thursday of March. Summer courses are all one-day seminars or workshops (9:30 - 3:00). One-day classes are also offered throughout the year. These may take place on any weekday. If offering a one-day class, please indicate in your proposal how long you would like the lunch break to be (anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1-1/2 hour).

Photocopying, if needed, will be paid for by Senior College. You are strongly encouraged, however, to email course handouts to your students. All photocopying is done at County Copy and can be facilitated through the Senior College office NO LATER THAN 1 PM, ONE FULL WEEK ahead of the target class period, or by the instructor taking the material to County Copy NO LATER THAN MONDAY BY CLOSING of the week of the target class session. If needed, photocopying is done double sided (d/s) on standard copy paper. The following limits apply: 10 (ten) pages d/s per student per week (or one day class), or 40 (forty) pages d/s in the winterim session and 60 (sixty) pages d/s in the fall and spring sessions. See the Instructor's Guide for more information about copying on page 4 and the regulations governing "fair use" on pages 8-9.

Again, you are strongly encouraged to email course handouts to students. In cases where that will not work please indicate your planned/estimated copying.

Please make every effort to avail yourself of the technology training offered, as we may need to pay extra if the tech supporter has to come in before or during your class. Please come in 30 minutes prior to the start of class to set up any equipment you might be using to assure your class runs smoothly. For additional questions about equipment provided by the Hutchinson Center you may contact UMaine Hutchinson Center Technology Coordinator Sam Overlock at 338-8032;
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