E-News April 2019

Dear Senior College members,

Welcome to the Spring session of Senior College! If you are new, we are pleased you have joined us. If you are returning, it is good to see you again. Our last eNews, highlighted new faculty who have joined us this year. The Curriculum Committee is always looking for fresh faces, topics, and approaches. There is another side of it, though, too – our core of veteran, proven teachers we rely on year after year. We also have quite a few of them. This month, I would like to highlight them. There are nineteen of this year’s teachers who have taught at Senior College for at least five years and several for ten or more.

  • Sara Shute, philosophy
  • Sandy Cirillo, art
  • Richard Brown, opera
  • Rebecca Jessup, Latin
  • Randy Mailloux, estates
  • Peter Reilly, history
  • Paul Sheridan, photography
  • Neal Harkness, music
  • Nancy Blatz, art
  • Mike Shannon, nature
  • Lila Nation, French
  • Juliet Baker, literature
  • Howard Torrey, science
  • Harry Kaiserian, food
  • Ellen Sander, poetry
  • Dick Topping, current affairs
  • Chloe Chun, environment
  • Bob Rackmales, current affairs
  • Arlin Larson, religion

They are all volunteers teaching purely from the love of teaching and their subject matters. We are most fortunate to have them. Senior College is just as dependent on this core of veterans as it is on each year’s new recruits.

Even as we enter the final full session of 2018-2019, work is already apace for 2019-2020. If you would like to be part of planning for the year ahead, this would be a good time to join one of our committees or sign on to help in other ways. New faces and ideas are needed in the organization as well as in the classroom! Some of the work is year-round and ongoing (though always with slow times too). Included here would be the Curriculum Committee, Publicity Committee, and Special Events Committee and Board of Trustees. With several people on committees, work can usually be spread out and adjusted for such things as members’ travel schedules. To find out more, just stop by the office or browse through the Senior College Handbook posted on the website.

Wishing you the best,

Arlin Larson

April 11th, 11:45 p.m.
Come and learn about:
Window Dressers
Aging Well in Waldo County
The Soap Closet

Come and learn about four non-profit organizations that serve all those who live in Belfast and its environs.

Corliss Davis will talk about Window Dressers, Marge Stickler about Aging Well in Waldo County, and Missy Hatch about HeartSong. Finally, either Judy Beebe or Sharron Walsh will discuss the Soap Closet’s output and resources.

Hopefully, this will be the first of several future brown bag lunches that will enlighten us about other non-profit organizations in our area.