E-News May 2021

Senior College Online

The Merry Month of May
Nancy Perkins

Welcome to the “merry month of May.” I find my spirit has burst forth like the spring flowers in Belfast and surrounds. The world is once again filled with wonder and beautiful sights to see and enjoy. It is truly the time of renewal and the time of anticipation for the season ahead. Gardening, sailing, outdoor activities, and wonderful times in the sun await us and now that we are vaccinated we can once again enjoy the company of family and friends.

Renewal is utmost on my mind when I consider Senior College and the need to recruit new members of the Trustees Board. This is the time of year that the nominating committee is busy seeking individuals whose gifts and talents will assure that our organization remains vital and viable.

I hope each of you will think about your experiences with Senior College, classes you have taken, classes you have taught, friends you have made, and the community of which you are a part and give some thought to joining the Board which diligently guides the organization. We need your help and dedication to continue to be unique and inspiring.

You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do.
Together we can do great things.

– Mother Teresa

The Bridge to Success
Jim Owen, Chair Nominating Committee

Why Not You?

It isn’t too early to think about Senior College’s Annual Meeting in the Fall. Like last year it will be a Zoom meeting since we are all still in pandemic mode. There will be important things to discuss: about having survived a year shifting away from face-to-face classes to equally fine Zoom classes, about our financial situation, and about plans for the Fall.

Also, we will be voting for those members who are willing to join the Board, and who will replace those who are leaving it. The future of Senior College depends on the willingness of volunteers to serve on the Board, to teach our classes, and to serve on our various committees. As many of you know, it takes more than great classes, and coffee and cookies to keep us going.

Senior College’s Nominating Committee has begun the process of recruiting and identifying good candidates for our Board. The Board needs folks with a variety of skills or experience: experience as teachers, financial skills, and good team work skills. However, this year we could really use one or more new Board members with marketing skills, financial skills, and insight into legal matters. We hope that folks with those skills in particular will consider joining the Board.

The strength of Senior College is in the life history, training and experience among our members. Our weakness is that at our age changes happen, to us or our partners. For one reason or another, Board members may not be able to serve out their terms. So it helps to have a pool of folks willing to serve on the Board and our committees. In this edition of the newsletter you will find information about what being on the Board involves, and an application form for anyone who would like to serve on the Board. Yes, you can nominate yourself by filling out the form. You may also contact the Nominating Committee and recommend someone who you believe might be an active and effective Board member. Applications need to be in by May 31, 2021.

The Nominating Committee will review all the applications and narrow down the field. We hope you will apply. We want a diverse, enthusiastic, and skillful Board. By July, the Nominating Committee will share a list of prospective Board members with the current Board, and then at the Annual Meeting in September all members will have a chance to vote for those they wish to see on the Board.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

– Elizabeth Andrew

Click here for link to form: ‘Nominations to Senior College Board of Trustees’