E-News November 2018

The Curriculum Committee is putting finishing touches on the lineup of Winterim classes.

Some classes fill up quickly, so stay tuned!

Dear Senior College members,

It is election day, far too early to have any idea about how things will turn out. Whatever the results, it occurs to me how fortunate we are just to be having free elections and the ability of all citizens to participate in the political process. Of course, there is much to it besides going to the polls – even dictatorships do that. One essential requirement is an educated and informed electorate. This is where Senior College plays a role, even if an indirect one. Breadth of knowledge and appreciation of various perspectives help us choose wisely. Growth in wisdom and understanding can take place throughout our lives. Senior College has certainly helped me on my path of life-long learning. Hopefully it has you too.

Much of the learning comes from just associating with mature, thoughtful people. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse areas of life. The same goes for a student population with great experience to share and relate to what is being taught. Along with the experience often comes heightened humility as we seniors come to terms with careers that are completed, children who are distant, and the many infirmities that seem to be part of the package. Just being at Senior College is learning experience in itself.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful not only for living in this great country but for Senior College and all you who make it possible as well.

All my best wishes,


Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee needs volunteers to help get the word out to the greater community regarding the excellence of the Senior College experience. The Committee will meet at my house late in December to prepare postcards for mailing early in January. Needless to say, many hands make fast work. I will have lunch for all volunteers. The fall mailing took three of us about two hours to complete.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nancy Perkins, Chair

Richard Warren, April 9, 1931 – Sept 29, 2018