E-News October 2018

Senior College students, faculty, and staff
are invited to enjoy
Bites and Beverages
October 9th, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
133 Miller Street
Bring your favorite finger food
and/or a bottle of your favorite beverage
Please let us know if you plan on coming and what you will be bringing
Email: nanella@aol.com or call Nancy Perkins at (207) 218-1369

Lunchtime Talk

October 25th, 11:45 a.m.
Iran: One Woman’s Perspective
Judy Stein

Judy Stein will discuss Iran: One Woman’s Perspective at the brown bag lunch on Oct 25 at 11:45. Judy traveled in Iran for several weeks last spring as part of a small group of tourists. She had the rare opportunity to talk with University students in an informal setting as well as with a journalist and people with a range of interests. “Being a tourist does not make you an expert,” she said, “but it allows you to see and make some judgements.” Judy is particularly interested in women’s issues and has read widely in the field. She will share her observations and reflections. A dedicated photographer, she will also illustrate some of her points.

Judy is a founding member of Belfast Senior College and has taught several classes here. She is also a past president of The Camden Conference.

Dear Senior College Members,

​The University of Maine system recently announced a major expansion of its nursing program. Maine is already facing a shortage of nurses, and this shortage is expected to become far more severe as we seniors become more senior, the current nursing cohort, itself aging, hits retirement, and young people continue leaving the state. All U. Maine campuses will be affected, including the Hutchinson Center, though in just what way isn’t yet clear. The state faces a similar crisis in the teaching profession.

Recognizing the importance of senior colleges to Maine’s demographic, the Chancellor will be seeking comments through the Maine Senior College Network and will disseminate information through the same channel. With seventeen locations and over seven thousand members across the state, the importance of senior colleges to the well-being of our demographic is coming increasingly to the fore. We all know how true this is for us and our community here on the Midcoast.

Senior College members testify to the ongoing love of learning, community engagement, and active leadership that seniors represent. We are part of the reason, of course, for the great need to expand medical services, but our contributions to senior well-being and community leadership are equally part of the occasion.

I want to thank you for entrusting me with a third term as Senior College president and commit myself to doing all I can to make us successful.

Arlin Larson

Also in the News

Senior College Curriculum Committee chair, Lila Nation, and President, Arlin Larson, were interviewed on the September 8/10 edition of Good Morning, Belfast. The interview, conducted by Arts Director and Senior College member, Kristin Frangoulis, constitutes about the last twenty minutes of the hour long program. To watch, go to https://vimeo.com/289173037

At the September 27 Annual Meeting of Senior College, the following people were elected to terms on the Board of Trustees: David Boyer, Barbara Klie, Nancy Perkins, Elisabeth Pollock, Jim Taber, and Dick Topping. Immediately after the Annual Meeting, trustees gathered to select officers for 2018-2019. They are Arlin Larson, president, Harry Kaiserian, vice-president, David Boyer, secretary, and Jim Taber, treasurer.

Be assured that Senior College uses your email address for official business only. We do not give it to any third parties. We don’t even send you the eNews unless you have requested it. Instructors are given email addresses for students in their class only on the condition that they agree not to use it for any other purpose than class use (for example, for personal or business use). For more information, see the Senior College Privacy Policy in the Handbook (p. 29 ) /

A great way to get involved in Senior College is to volunteer for one of our committees. Go by the office and someone will put you in touch.

  • Archives Committee (Shirley Jarvella, chair) – takes care of Senior College records.
  • Curriculum Committee (Lila Nation) – plans courses and recruits instructors. It also plans brown bag lunches.
  • Festival of Art Committee (Cathy Bradbury) – produces June senior art exhibition.
  • Finance Committee (Jim Taber) – oversees Senior College finances.
  • Nominating Committee (Jim Taber) – selects candidates for the Board of Trustees.
  • Publicity Committee (Nancy Perkins) – works to get the news out to Senior College members and the community.
  • Special Events Committee (Martha Laitin) – Plans outside of class room field trips and events.