Richard Brown

t600-Portrait Dick Brown-1Richard Brown earned his bachelor’s degree in music education from Boston University and his master’s in music history and theory from the University of Connecticut. He spent the most important thirty-nine years of his teaching career in the public schools of Connecticut and Massachusetts, mostly at the secondary level. During these years he directed musical theater productions, including many of Broadway’s best-known musicals. Dick has also taught music courses at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center.

Anne Spencer

anne-SpencerBeginning with an early interest in drawing, painting, and lettering, Anne Spencer received a BA in Fine Arts from Wilson College including courses in art history, aesthetics, oil painting, and graphic design. She received professional competencyin Occupational Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania. During her 45 years of OT practice, 26 in Maine, she continued painting and exhibiting, and travelled extensively. She received an MA from the University of Maine at Orono in Liberal Studies, in areas of art, history, and health. She continues to exhibit paintings and enjoys teaching watercolor classes to students who are interested in drawing and painting yet fearful to begin.

Thomas McCarthy

Tom McCarthy, a graduate of Northeastern University and a Vietnam veteran, is a retired U.S. Secret Service special agent. Since 1995, he has traveled worldwide—including to war zones—for the Department of State lecturing and providing training to host countries’ security forces. He has also lectured extensively for other entities including John Jay College of Criminal Justice. McCarthy has retired to Camden, and besides intelligence, he lectures on protective services, another area in which he has had personal experience, and terrorism. Tom has taught several very well-received courses at Senior College.

Deborah Stevenson

deborah_stevensonDeborah Stevenson is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and spent the first half of her adult years as an actor before deciding to leave theatre to begin a family and pursue painting. She has been making art, exhibiting, and teaching for over 30 years. She lived and worked on the West Coast for many years, returning to the East in 2007. She worked teaching art through a non-profit in the inner city and underserved communities of Baltimore for several years. In 2010, she moved to NYC to concentrate on her own work in the dynamic and diverse communities there. A recent transplant to Belfast, she now does workshops and has her own studio here, from which she participates in the international collage community, showing and publishing her work.

Saadiya Boutote

Saadiya Boutote completed her undergraduate degree in Political science and graduate degree with a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers University. She is a self-taught henna artist and has studied the history of the art form. Henna has been a greater part of her cultural connection to her Indian heritage. She currently uses henna as a medium for her artwork which includes painted Ostrich eggs.

Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed

Becky_DeKeusterBecky DeKeuster, M.Ed, is Director of Community & Education for the Wellness Connection of Maine, which operates four of Maine’s eight medical marijuana dispensaries. A former high school teacher and administrator, Becky has over a decade of experience in all aspects of the medical cannabis industry on both the East and West coasts. While her career has taken her out of the traditional classroom, she remains a dedicated educator who uses her extensive industry knowledge and classroom experience to engage health care professionals, community leaders, patients and the general public in learning about medical cannabis.

Juliet Baker

Juliet Baker has studied and taught English language and literature for forty years. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and pursued a Ph.D. at Berkeley. She has taught several well-received courses at Senior College, including “The Bible as Literature,” “Beowulf Reconsidered,” “A Feminist Reading of Jane Eyre,” and “A Reconsideration of Charles Dickens.” In the community she has also offered classes on poetry and on mystery novels set in foreign lands, facilitated a reading group on The Odyssey, and directed an Arthur Miller play.

Keith Dunson, M. Ed.

Keith Dunson Keith Dunson, M. Ed., has specialized in serving “At-Risk” students in public education settings in Waldo County for 35 years and has served locally on Drop-out Prevention committees as well as on a state level Alternative Education Committee. He presented his paper on his studies of motivation at an international conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, which led to the formation of a research team. He successfully presented the initial validity results (based upon the former RSU elementary school population) for peer review of his team’s research on the motivation and psychological characteristics of “at-risk” students at the International Conference of Motivational Scientists and Professionals in the Washington D.C. area. This resulted in the development of a scientifically valid psychological instrument for screening elementary students for “At-Risk” characteristics. He was involved with validity and reliability confirmation of these studies at a seminar in Chicago. He has since presented both locally and at the state level and is currently writing a discourse on the natural laws of human education.

Ray and Patricia Estabrook

patricia-and-ray-eastabrookInstructors Ray and Patricia Estabrook are the co-Founding Directors of the Game Loft, Belfast’s award winning after-school program. The Estabrooks created and run a very popular U.S. and Maine history program for high school students called Coming of Age in America or CoA. CoA uses role play to explore complex topics in American history from a variety of perspectives using all the senses.

Neal Harkness

Neil_HarknessNeal Harkness has been a fan and student of American popular music his whole life. He has written on the subject for a number of publications and is currently a rock music programmer on community radio station WERU-FM. For Senior College at Belfast, he has put together and presented a series of very well-received courses on the history of rock and roll over the last several years.

Rebecca Jessup

Rebecca JessupRebecca Jessup studied Latin at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has taught and tutored Latin for over twenty years, in Colorado and Indiana, to students of all ages—home schoolers, high schoolers, college undergraduates, and beyond. She grew up spending summers on Squirrel Island off Boothbay Harbor and is thrilled to have relocated back to mid-coast Maine. She has taught Latin at Senior College and through Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education at Camden Hills Regional HS. As a poet, she was recently awarded a residency at the Poet’s House in New Harmony, IN, along with her partner, the writer Rev. Dr. Duncan Newcomer.

Duncan Newcomer

Duncan Newcomer is the New England coordinator for the Colonial Williamsburg pilot project on the Idea of America. He has taught this material at the Hutchinson Center as well as a Senior College course on his book “Quiet Fire: The Spiritual Life of Abraham Lincoln” which is a short feature on WERU at 6:30 Wednesday mornings each week. Duncan is a writer, teacher, and spiritual director. He and his wife Rebecca Jessup, Latin teacher and poet, live in Northport.

Elizabeth Garber

Elizabeth Garber studied Greek Epic at Harvard in the Mythology and Folklore Department during the 1970’s before her life took a different turn. Teaching a class on the “Odyssey” four years later will be an exciting return to an old love. Elizabeth is a poet, memoirist, and acupuncturist, and has taught a Senior College class on “The Literature of St. Petersburg.”

Joseph Veilleux

Joe Veilleux-125Joseph Veilleux has a B.S. in biology. His experience includes 35 years of teaching high school biology and 15 years teaching botany to mixed skill students with a focus on wildflowers, garden annuals, tree identification, and houseplant maintenance. As a hobby botanist for 45 years, he has worked on wildflower identification, foraging, growing houseplants, and planting and propagating perennial flowers, fruit trees and bushes. He taught a very well-received course on hobby botany during the Winterim session.

Barbara LeGendre

Originally from Brunswick, Maine, Barbara LeGendre recently returned after a long absence and lives in Union. Educated at The College of Wooster (BA and MAT, 1975, 1976) and Case Western Reserve University (PhD, 1985), she specialized in Twentieth Century British and American Literature and wrote her dissertation on a Canadian. Recently retired after 22 years of teaching at Cornell University’s John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Majors, she loves student/faculty interaction and taking risks in the classroom. She has recently taught for Coastal Senior College, Rockland, where she discovered the joys of teaching seniors: lively, interested, and inquisitive, always surprising.

Betsy Paradis

Betsy-ParadisBetsy Paradis is the Reference and Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library and holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina. Prior to coming to the Belfast Library, she was Special Collections Librarian at the University of Maine’s Fogler Library. She has taught genealogy courses at the Belfast Library and the Old Town Museum, and has presented on the topic at several libraries around the state and at library and genealogy conferences. She has presented at several Belfast Senior College courses, including a genealogy course in 2003.

Martha Laitin

Martha Laitin, a former health administrator and guidance counselor, hold a Med from Elmira College. Since 1989 she has been a full-time real estate broker serving her birthplace, Belfast, and the surrounding area. She currently specializes in listing retirement homes. She has been her agency’s educator, presenting a series of five classes to new agents at four office locations, and teaching the Maine real estate license course for the Associate Broker license level at Thomas College.

Chris Glass

Chris-GlassChris Glass grew up in Washington, DC, and earned a B.A. in philosophy from Haverford College and his MArch from Yale University. Since 1974 he has been a practicing architect in Camden, focusing primarily on new houses and renovations to existing ones. He is former chairman of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, past president of the advocacy group Maine Preservation, and for twenty years he taught at Bowdoin College.

Louis Sell

Louis_SellLouis Sell has had a twenty-eight year career in the US Foreign Service, including six years at the US Embassy in Moscow dealing in various aspects of US-Soviet relations. He was present and witnessed the collapse of the USSR and its aftermath. Currently, Louis is completing a book on the Soviet collapse, due in 2016. He has also written the book “Slobodan Milosevic and the Destruction of Yugoslavia.” He is one of the founders of the American University in Kosovo and taught at U. Maine at Farmington. Louis speaks Russian, Serbo-Croatian, and French.

Rick Kersbergen

Rick-KersbergenRick Kersbergen has been teaching Master Gardener classes for more than twenty years. He works in the Waldo County office of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, lives in Burnham, and manages a family garden with the help of his wife. He has organized and presented several other very well-received gardening classes at Senior College over the years, and in this one he will be joined by several instructors from UMaine Extension as well as seasoned gardeners.

Jan Holmes-Jackson

Jan has literally grown up with floral arranging, having worked closely for years with her family in the successful Holmes Greenhouse here in Belfast. She will share her expertise, and please share yours!

Ellen Sander

Ellen SanderEllen Sander, who has been reading, writing and studying poetry for 60 years, is a former Belfast Poet Laureate. Last year, she taught the highly successful “Things Could be Verse – A Modern Poetry Caper.”

Paul Sheridan

Paul SheridanPaul Sheridan has a B.A. in art and an M.F.A. in photography. In the many years he managed a large teaching photo lab for the City University of New York, he also found time to take in the film fare offered by various museums, film societies, foundations, and movie houses. He continues that practice using the local library system. He has been making photographs for more than forty years and has taught several well-received courses, notably on photography, driver safety, and films at Senior College.

Sean and Linda Fowlds

Sean-Linda-Fowlds-compSean and Linda Fowlds are recent transplants to coastal Maine from the Nashville, Tennessee area. Sean is a writer and editor with a marketing degree from James Madison University in his home state of Virginia, and his wife, Linda, is a native Floridian and professional organizer. Five years ago, the couple sold their home and furnishings, donated their library of about 2,000 books, and radically downsized to live a more location-independent lifestyle. They have since lived in Celebration, FL; Nantucket, MA; Franklin, TN; and now Northport, ME.

Sue Garrett

Sue was reared in a doctor’s family, was married, and an architect for 30 years. In other words, she was always middle class. Learning from the school of hard knocks for the last 7 years, she has acquired the skills to be happy while being low-income and on a fixed budget. Frugally pinching pennies, creating products with homemade ingredients, and participating in the many inexpensive things that our community offers has become a way of life.

Sara Shute

sara shuteSara Shute received her Ph.D. in philosophy in 1977 from Washington University in St. Louis. She taught philosophy at Marietta College, a small liberal arts school, for 26 years. Since retiring to Maine, she has been an adjunct professor of philosophy at four of the University of Maine campuses and Colby College. This will be the seventh philosophy course she has taught at Senior College.

Arlin Larson

arlin_larson-2016Arlin Larson received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Chicago and is an ordained Congregational minister. He has a special interest in science and religion and has taught several classes at Senior College, including courses on Darwinism’s confrontation with religion and on the “New Atheism.”

Mike Shannon

Mike ShannonMike Shannon is a naturalist, educator, and a Registered Maine Guide. Whether in the forest prowling for owls or aboard boats scanning for pelagic birds, he continues to lead outings for local groups. He is retired from Unity College where he taught ornithology and ecological education. A former director of the Audubon Ecology Camp in Maine (Hog Island), he has also served as Master Naturalist for the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Mike has a long history of sharing his passion and enthusiasm for things natural.

Melinda Regnell

Melinda Regnell recently self-published volume I of her own family memoir, “Keeping Faith” — the early years of Faith Graves Sawyer from Gorham, Maine. She writes regularly for her blog, “D4msquared.” Regnell has over 20 years of experience writing and publishing blogs, articles, and technical training content. She has a Masters Degree in Adult Education and has had an extensive career writing and teaching for several global corporations. She has also taught classes at the University of New Hampshire, the University of Southern Maine, and Colby College. She is an avid writer, reader, and sometime First Mate aboard the Melinda Jane out of Searsport.

Lila Nation

Lila_Nation-1Lila Nation earned her master’s in teaching French and has taught this beautiful language for more than thirty years. She travels to France regularly to stay fluent in idioms and changing vocabulary, and takes frequent trips to Québec and other French-speaking regions as well. She also plays cello, piano, and sings, so she’ll regale you with music and stories of her travels while encouraging you to share your own experiences en français.