Fall Classes 2021

Message from
the President
Nancy Perkins

Joy the giant duck is floating in our harbor bringing a lift to our spirits.

You will certainly find an intriguing course at Belfast Senior College Fall Session that will bring you joy and lift your spirits as well as keep you safe. Additional courses will be added in the coming weeks but they will not conflict with those posted. Sign up now and avoid missing out on the opportunity to be part of one of the Fall classes.

New to Senior College this year is David Farmer who is teaching a course on 500 Years of Northern European Painting. David will be joined by Juliet Baker focusing on African American Poetry, Eric Rector on the History of Cheese, Charles Mamane will offer a repeat of his course on the Middle East Conflict, Bob Rackmales and Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm will discuss The U.S. State Department from JFK to Joe Biden, Fred Bowers will Explore the Andes, Wendy Kasten will offer Deepening Diversity Understanding, Nancy Perkins will provide a look at British Mysteries, and Paul Sheridan will present a Brown Bag Lunch on Driving Safely as We Age.

Everyone was saddened by the decision to cancel in-person classes but we feel that we can continue our mission one more time via Zoom. I hope you will join us this Fall for at least one of the interesting classes as well as renewing your membership and attending the Annual Meeting on September 30 at 12 noon. We need your participation to continue to bring you courses and special events that have been enjoyed by hundreds during the past 20 years.

See you back at School in September!

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