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Help Wanted!

Belfast Senior College remains strong as long as our members are involved to keep it vital. Now that the Fall Session has reached the halfway point, it is clear we ARE BACK! We have happily received positive reviews from members taking classes at the Hutch, members of Zoom classes as

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Thoughts on Fall Semester, 2022

(Peter Reilly) Senior College has just completed one of the most significant semesters in its considerable lifetime. As you know, over the years the institution has become a cultural anchor for our community. Learning has thrived, fun has been had and friends have been made. When you sit next to

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Message from our President (September 2022)

Fall arrived with remarkable promptness this week. Today I feel that Summer 2022 is just a memory and I don’t need the air conditioner or fans any longer. I have also heard from several sources that we are facing a long, cold winter. Thank goodness we have Senior College to

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Message from our President (August 2022)

After a more than a two year hiatus Belfast Senior College is happily returning to its longtime home at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center. Mark your calendars now for the premier of Fall 2022 classes on September 15. This long-awaited event will feature in-person classes, new hybrid classes with

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Message from our President (July 2022)

Message from our president Nancy Perkins We’re Having a Heat Wave! Fifty years ago in July when we first came to Maine lake camps with our two small sons whichever parent got up first lit the fire and made the coffee. I learned to play possum and as soon as

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