Annual Meeting Sept 30th, 2021 at Noon

Belfast Senior
College Annual

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When: Sep 30, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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The Annual Meeting of Belfast Senior College will be held on September 30th at 12 noon via Zoom. All members are urged to participate in the annual election of Board Members and receive an update on the activities and finances of the organization. You must be a member to cast your vote for the new Board members so please take a moment to join as well as register for a fall class. As a member you will receive an invitation with a Zoom link to join the meeting. Please plan on being there on September 30.

Nominees for Board Membership:

  • Robert Adler – 1 year term
  • Margery Arnett – 3 year term
  • Mayo Bullock – 3 year term
  • Richard Koralek – 3 year term
  • Brian Richardson – 3 year term
  • Doug Chamberlin – 1 year term

In addition, Al Arthur, Ron Jarvella, and Nancy Perkins are nominated for an additional 3 year term.

Meeting Agenda and Reports

Fall Classes 2021

Message from
the President
Nancy Perkins

Joy the giant duck is floating in our harbor bringing a lift to our spirits.

You will certainly find an intriguing course at Belfast Senior College Fall Session that will bring you joy and lift your spirits as well as keep you safe. Additional courses will be added in the coming weeks but they will not conflict with those posted. Sign up now and avoid missing out on the opportunity to be part of one of the Fall classes.

New to Senior College this year is David Farmer who is teaching a course on 500 Years of Northern European Painting. David will be joined by Juliet Baker focusing on African American Poetry, Eric Rector on the History of Cheese, Charles Mamane will offer a repeat of his course on the Middle East Conflict, Bob Rackmales and Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm will discuss The U.S. State Department from JFK to Joe Biden, Fred Bowers will Explore the Andes, Wendy Kasten will offer Deepening Diversity Understanding, Nancy Perkins will provide a look at British Mysteries, and Paul Sheridan will present a Brown Bag Lunch on Driving Safely as We Age.

Everyone was saddened by the decision to cancel in-person classes but we feel that we can continue our mission one more time via Zoom. I hope you will join us this Fall for at least one of the interesting classes as well as renewing your membership and attending the Annual Meeting on September 30 at 12 noon. We need your participation to continue to bring you courses and special events that have been enjoyed by hundreds during the past 20 years.

See you back at School in September!

Click here to browse the Fall classes:

To preview classes at other Maine Senior Colleges click here.

You can also subscribe to this monthly newsletter which includes class offerings, news of member organizations, and interesting tidbits from around the state.

Nominating Committee Report

In accordance with the by-laws of Belfast Senior College, Jim Owen, Chair of the Nominating Committee is pleased to present this report of the Nominating Committee. He urges you to review the slate of nominees and to affirm the slate at the Annual Meeting (again on Zoom) on September 30 at 12 noon.

After conferring with Senior College members, members of the Board, and actively looking for folks willing serve on the Senior College Board, the Nominating Committee met for the fourth and final time on June 14. Despite a fraught time of Covid, social distancing and isolation, Zoom and online living, we found able volunteers willing to serve. Here is our slate of applicants, old and new, who have volunteered to serve on the Board. All the new prospects have completed applications and have talked with one or more Committee members. We believe they will bring skills, talent and energy to the Board consistent with our past Boards. We have recommended them all to the Board and ask that the membership support these folks and give their approval at the annual meeting.

The following Senior College members who have completed terms have agreed to serve another term:

  • Al Arthur
  • Nancy Perkins
  • Ron Jarvella

The following Senior College members are willing to serve the College as Board members for the first time:

  • Robert Adler
  • Marjorie Arnett
  • Mayo Bullock
  • Doug Chamberlin
  • Richard Koralek
  • Brian Richardson

Here is a brief introduction to each of these volunteers.

Those willing to serve again:

Al Arthur: Al has years of technological experience helping Senior College faculty and Board Members with everything from registration of students, to dealing with technologies necessary for teaching. He has a serious grasp of technology and the patience of Job.

Ron Jarvella: Ron is a long term Senior College member, has taught a number of courses, and has served with the Special Event Committee. He is one of our connections with Penobscot Shores.

Nancy Perkins: Nancy is currently president of the Board, and has helped steer us through the challenges of Covid, through our shift to Zoom classes, and through a confusing time of dramatic budget changes. She loves both teaching and taking Senior College classes. Nobody can outwork her.

Those willing to join the Board for the first time:

Robert Adler: Robert has taken multiple Senior College classes. Since retiring from a corporate life, he has been on several local boards, most recently the Board of the Belfast Free Library. He now consults with non-profits about such things as marketing, fundraising, and governance issues. He has an advanced degree in education.

Marjorie Arnett: Marjorie is an artist, poet, a published playwright, and an experienced educator. She is a former Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Indiana University. She has taken Senior College classes and despite her working in places like Italy and Zagreb, Croatia she is committed to Belfast. Covid restrictions kept her from teaching a class last Fall.

Mayo Bullock: Mayo is a former Director of Educational Enhancement Programs at Case Western University. In that position she helped create a Saturday College that functioned much like a Senior College. She has been taking classes with our College for six years and has served on the Marketing Committee. She is also an active volunteer with several Searsport organizations, including being a Board member of the town library.

Doug Chamberlin: In the past Doug started his own company, has served on several community boards, and been a member of governmental committees. He has taken Senior College classes and taught three of them. Like Al, he is more comfortable with computers and technology than most of us.

Richard Koralek: Richard is a semi-retired electrical engineer with a PhD and experience as a college professor. He typically takes one or two classes from Senior College per semester. He recently completed a term as president of Belfast’s Rotary Club and helped guide them through Covid adjustments like ours, including embracing Zoom.

Brian Richardson: Brian is a retired engineer and has served as a trustee of the Winterport Water District. He has been an active Senior College member for over five years, has taken several classes, and was going to teach a Musicology class face-to-face this past Fall until Covid made that impossible.

I want to thank each of the Nominating Committee members for their efforts; Barney Lutsk, Mary Rackmales, Paul Sheridan, Rebecca Jessup, Martha Laitin, Nancy Perkins, and Brenda Smith. As a Committee we learned a lot about the challenges of recruiting volunteers to serve on the Board. We are grateful for the folks who have come forward and are willing to serve us all.

Summer Classes

Welcome Back!

At long last Senior College Belfast will resume classes at the Hutchinson Center. We are happy to announce that the Fall Session will be live, in color, and back on campus! There will also be a Zoom class for those unable to attend.

In the meantime there are three Summer Session courses that will put the bark in the dog days of summer!

The first on campus, face-to-face offering will be Sandi Cirillo’s “Let’s Learn to Draw” on Thursday, August 5 from 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. In this class you’ll learn how to set up a good composition using drawing techniques such as shading, perspective, texture, contrast, etc. We’ll also be experimenting with different drawing materials so you can see which ones you like the best (or the least).

All drawing materials will be provided. All you need to bring is your eagerness to learn. We’ll be following covid safety protocols in this class so bring your mask. We may even get a chance to get outdoors to do a little drawing as well. This is a beginner’s class. There is a $12.00 materials fee per student payable to the instructor. No equipment needed. Senior College membership is not required for Summer classes but there is a $20.00 class fee.

Sandi’s classes fill up quickly and since there is a limit of 12 you are urged to sign up immediately!

For all you photo buffs out there Paul Sheridan is presenting a Zoom Class “What is New, What is Old, and What Can be Better in Photography?” This class begins on Monday, July 19 and runs for four weeks until August 9 from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Bring your favorite libation and catch up on the world of photographs.

Paul will show a mixture of work by a variety of photographers, some that are newly emerging, as well as several new discoveries in the field. You will also study some of the images in depth to better understand the choices made by the photographers, to learn how we can either appreciate what it takes to make an engaging photo, and/or improve our own photographic eye in terms of composition, cropping, exposure, lens choice, etc. No previous photo classes are necessary. No camera required, just your curiosity! Plenty of links provided. Discussion encouraged, but not required.

Paul will provide virtual “handouts” with links and references supplied by e-mail for each class. The class fee is $20.00.

We are thrilled to have Anne B. Gass discuss her new book We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip, the true story of an epic cross-country road trip for the suffrage cause that took place in 1915. We Demand is a tribute to the grit and determination of the women who made the trip, and to the suffrage movement that launched it.

The story unfolds through the eyes of Ingeborg Kindstedt and Maria Kindberg, middle-aged Swedish immigrants who own the car, do all the driving, and fix what goes wrong. The roads are often bad, and the weather is worse. They lose their way in a trackless Nevada desert, get stuck in the mud in Kansas, and have many other adventures.

We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip will be available at a discount from Left Bank Books in Belfast.

Anne B. Gass is the author of Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, published in 2014. Anne is Whitehouse’s great-granddaughter, and she speaks regularly on Florence and women’s rights history at libraries, museums, colleges, high schools, and other venues. Anne has continued her great-grandmother’s activist tradition. She serves on the Steering Committee of the Maine Suffrage Centennial Collaborative and as the Maine Coordinator for the National Votes for Women Trail, a project of the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites. She also serves on Maine’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and is Vice-President of the Gray Town Council. When not writing or volunteering, Anne can be found hiking, wild ice skating, traveling, or backcountry skiing with her husband, Rick.

This is a Zoom class on Wednesday, August 18 at 6 p.m. There is a $15.00 class fee.

To register for any of the above classes go to and click on CourseStorm and Registration. Also, be sure to check back later in July for the catalog of Fall Courses. I look forward to seeing you in September!

Nancy Perkins

New Registration System Going Live for Summer Registrations

The Senior College is implementing a new registration system powered by CourseStorm that is easy to use and offers members helpful new benefits. This new system is already in place at four other senior colleges and is getting rave reviews. We wanted to give you a brief overview of what to expect as we move forward with bringing the system on line in Belfast.

Our website will provide a link to our Belfast Senior College page within the new system powered by CourseStorm. The first time a member uses the new system it will ask them some basic questions. (Name, address, phone number and e-mail address). This information is used to establish the member’s own personal account in the system. These questions will only be asked the first time a member uses the system, though there is the option of updating any of this information at any time should it change.

From there it will ask if you want to become a member. You do not need to be a member to enroll in any summer 2021 course, however all existing members will need to enter and pay their annual membership fee of $25 prior to being able to register for any fall 2021, winter 2022, or spring 2022 course. This membership is only paid once during the academic year. The system will remind you that you have already paid if you attempt to pay it a second time. Members who taught classes in the previous academic year or participants who have paid a membership at another senior college are exempt from paying a membership fee.

On the membership page a member will be asked three questions. 1.) Please provide an emergency contact person and the contact’s phone number should an emergency situation arise while the member is attending senior college, 2.) Write a brief description of a member’s areas of expertise that may be helpful to the senior college’s operations. 3.) Lastly, the member will be asked to acknowledge they understand the senior college’s refund policy.

Once a member has paid for a membership, they may review the class listings and choose which classes they would like to attend. A member can enroll just themselves in a course, or themselves and another member in a class. This is useful when spouses, partners or friends wish to enroll in the same class together. The charges for memberships and courses are accumulated and the member will be presented with an online invoice when they are ready to check out. In the new system, a member will use a regular credit card to settle the amount they owe. (We will no longer be using PayPal). A member may also pay by check if they choose to register in person, once our office in the Hutchinson Center reopens.

Upon registering for a class, the member will automatically receive a confirmation E-mail of their enrollment. Two days before a class begins, the member will receive a reminder E-mail that their class will be starting soon. Each member will have access to their own personal account where they can see a history of all the classes they have registered for as well as any memberships they have paid for. One note here – registration and payment information in our old system will not be imported into the new system, so a member’s account history will start to accumulate with the transactions that they will be entering into the new system.

Inevitably, there may be some questions that members will encounter when using the new system for the first time. Please know that we are here to support our members and to provide assistance as we always have in the past. If you need any help, please contact Al Arthur, our registrar at

Our CourseStorm class listings and registration is live, and ready for use. Click here to check it out, and let us know what you think!

Maine Senior College Network Statewide Zoom Class Opportunities

Senior College Belfast is part of the Maine Senior College Network that serves the 17 Senior Colleges in our state. Several representatives from Belfast attend weekly meetings via Zoom to discuss issues, activities, and initiatives with network members.

All members of Senior College Belfast are invited to attend all classes throughout the state. Senior Colleges will open registration to their members first. If classes have spaces, they will offer seats to the members of other senior colleges.

You are encouraged to go to and click on MSCN ONLINE to review courses open to all members of Maine Senior Colleges. You may also sign up for the monthly newsletter compiled by Anne Cardale the Director of the network.

Belfast Senior College Featured in Maine Seniors Magazine

The Belfast Senior College has been featured in a lovely three page article by Shelagh Talbot in the April issue of Maine Seniors Magazine with lots of photos courtesy of Belfast Senior College. Pick up the latest issue at your newstand or download the article as a PDF.

Waldo County is beautiful – a coastal area with much to do and enjoy, and for almost 20 years Belfast Senior College has been a vibrant part of that landscape. The college was created in 2001 by a group of Belfast-area residents and leaders along with Dr. Jim Patterson, director of the newly opened Hutchinson Center-part of the University of Maine system. This center was built with the idea of creating outreach for the university and “serving as an educational and cultural hub for the mid-coast community,” according to their website. Belfast Senior College is a perfect fit.

Communications Policy

Adopted by the SC Board in June, 2016

The purpose of SC advertising or announcements, including but not limited to the website, E-news, or classroom announcements, is to promote Senior College, and to inform the membership and the community of courses, special events, speakers, or projects that Senior College is directly involved with. Volunteer opportunities and other community events that Senior College (including the Community Service Committee) is not directly involved with (see following paragraph) are beyond the scope and purpose of the website, E-news, and classroom announcements, or any other advertisements, and are not permitted.

A Senior College committee or group is directly involved with a non-profit group or community event when the members of that committee or group have agreed, for some specified period of time (e.g., for the upcoming year, for a certain month, or for a particular date), that its members will participate in a particular non-profit or community event, at a specified time and place. If an SC committee or group merely urges (by mentioning or advertising) the SC membership at large to support a non-profit, or to attend a community event, then that does not count as “direct involvement” by the committee or group. To count as “direct involvement,” the committee or group members themselves must have committed to participate in some specific event (for a non-profit organization or in a community event). Given they have done this, if they also wish to invite members of the SC community at large to participate in that specific event, then that is permissible.