Summer 2020 (August) Virtual Online Courses

Notice To Online Students:

Senior College is embarking on a new method of delivering our courses through the use of the Zoom Teleconferencing Application. Working closely with the University of Maine system, we are optimistic we will deliver all our courses in a timely, proficient and quality focused manner. That said, there may be times or cases where technology may fail us. Zoom Teleconferencing relies on the internet and associated equipment. Older computers and/or slow internet connections may present problems. Please be assured we will do everything in our power to get these new courses to you, but recognize certain circumstances are beyond our control. Thanks and we hope to see you soon.

Please note that teleconferencing will never replace our outstanding programs at the Hutchinson Center and we plan to offer in person classes as soon as safety permits.

Before your class/course begins, you will receive an invitation to participate. On the day and time of the class/course, all you have to do is click on the link in that email and follow the prompts to be connected to the ZOOM virtual classroom. Please make sure to try the link before the day of the class to make sure everything is working OK on your end, and if you run into a problem email us at When you try the link in advance, you should be able to enter the virtual meeting room even though no one else will be there.

There is one Brown Bag Lunch Series class listed below. To register, click here.

Becoming Belfast, Maine 1770 – 1820

Instructor: Megan Pinette

  • Zoom Class
  • Brown Bag Lunch Presentation
  • Time 30-40 minutes, 12pm Monday, August 17
  • Free

In 2020 the State of Maine celebrates 200 years of statehood, 1820 – 2020. This year Belfast also commemorates its own milestone – Founders Day, 250 years since the first settlements, 1770 – 2020. Belfast was settled by Scots-Irish families from Londonderry, New Hampshire in the spring of 1770. The first settlers, about thirty people including children, took possession of their lands on both sides of the harbor. In early 1819, the question about separation was brought to the towns. In Belfast, the vote was 145 in favor and 26 against. Belfast was well-established as both a maritime and market town when the break from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the creation of the state of Maine occurred on March 15, 1820. This illustrated talk will include a look at early Belfast people, businesses, residences and industries.

Time 30-40 minutes, 12pm Monday, August 17

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