Welcome to our Winterim 2022 Course Offerings!

We have an in person class on Making Maple at David Greeley’s farm; three online evening classes: “Something Wicked,” with Nick Turner, the Executive Director of The Grand in Ellsworth; Investigative Journalism with Alicia Mundy, investigative journalist and reporter, and God’s Body with Deirdre Good; three online classes on local topics: Planning Belfast (with Mike Hurley); Belfast’s PreHistory (with Steve Hutchings), and Searsport Families at Sea and at Home (with Cipperly Good, Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport).
Online morning classes include veteran instructor Pete Reilly teaching The Manhattan Project; John McClenahen, The Poet’s Preface, Walt Whitman’s Preface to the first edition of Leaves of GrassRoman History taught by Rebecca Jessup; and Rethinking American Grand Strategy taught by Bob Rackmales (cross listed with Coastal Senior College).
Please register for classes on this page and for a FREE online Zoom Winterim Wonderland Course introduction with instructors previewing classes on December 28th, 10-11am. Thank you.