Carl Jung, Individuation and the Process of Aging

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  • Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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The psychoanalytic theory of Carl Jung has much to offer as we contemplate the process of aging. According to Jung, when we reach midlife, we are confronted with a psycho-spiritual task much different from the task of the first half of life. “Individuation” is the name Jung gave to this task of the second half of life -- a life-long process of awakening to a deeper wholeness by bringing into consciousness the parts of ourselves that we previously resisted knowing, and in doing so becoming more truly the person we were always intended to be. My hope is that his life and theory will offer some insight in understanding and honoring the unique lives we’ve each lived, as well as provide guidance in discerning how to live the life yet remaining for each of us.

In this class I will briefly describe Jung’s life story and provide a basic overview of the theory that arose from his life. We will consider Jung’s critiques of the excesses of “western civilization” and how his ideas can help us understand the deep divisions of our country that can lead us to despair. I will share experiences from my own life, as well as Bible stories that I found illuminated by Jung’s theory. My hope is that class engagement will lead to discussion through which we can learn from one another.


Instructor: Jeff Edwards

I am a graduate of Earlham College and Yale Divinity School. I have always valued the importance of attending to each person’s absolutely unique and mysterious life story. During my ministry I often included theater as a way of pondering the mysteries woven into our stories. This class arises from a talk I was invited to give three years ago at Methodist House at the Chautauqua Institute.

Photo credit: ETH-BIB-Jung, Carl Gustav (1875-1961)-Portrait-Portr 14163 (cropped) Unbekannt - This image is from the collection of the ETH-Bibliothek and has been published on Wikimedia Commons as part of a cooperation with Wikimedia CH. Corrections and additional information are welcome.

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