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We are a 501-3(c) nonprofit organization. Our activities are funded primarily through class tuition and membership fees but we gratefully accept donations too. Click HERE to donate to make a tax-deductible donation.

become a volunteer

Belfast Senior College is an all volunteer run organization. You don't need to be a member of the Senior College to help us out in various ways. (Of course we hope you will become a member, but all volunteer efforts are valuable to us.) Some of these roles may be filled but we can use back-up as board members and volunteering are not a lifetime commitments.

    Committee Member It is not necessarily the case that committee members are on the Board of Trustees. If you are interested in participating in any of our standing committees you can contact the chair of that committee to learn more.
    Board Member
    If your inclinations run more toward policy than teaching, please consider joining our Board of Trustees to help steer us down the best path forward! Contact nominations_chair@belfatseniorcollege.org for more info. 
    Zoom Host While instructors focus on teaching, remote courses need a Zoom host to focus on the internet connection and the Zoom meeting. We usually have a Zoom host working with the instructor for each remote class. 
    Instructor Liaison When a course proposal comes in we sometimes need a person to work with the instructor to develop the course idea and ensure all the details get worked out for a successful experience. The instructor liaison is the point person for a course to help answer questions and offer solutions.
    Data Manager Our course catalog and website have lots of data points that need to be accurate and up-to-date. If you like to ensure everything is ship-shape, we could use your help!
    Archiving If your interest is in organizing and preserving our history, we can sure use your help!
    Website Support We always want our website to be available and up-to-date. If you have ideas about how to accomplish that, please let us know. Even if you want to learn as you go, we can add you to our team.
    Communications and Marketing If you have an interest in marketing activities, or experience with public relations, please let us know!
    Class Assistant Help each instructor by acting as a go-between with the Senior College office before, during, or after class. Convey announcements from the office to the instructor.

    volunteer resources

    Click HERE for some helpful technical information.

    Click here for access to the Data Portal, where volunteers work on new courses.

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