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website help and answers to questions

If you have questions about, or issues with, this website and they are not answered here please email and we will reply as soon as possible.

Please be as specific as you can in describing your problem.

Q. Where can I park for my class?

A.  Some class venues in Belfast have associated parking, but others, most notably the Library and Social Capital, do not have parking available.  Additionally, some of the streets in Downtown Belfast allow only two hour parking before your car is subject to a fine on most days. This map show where the public lots in are located in Belfast and where streets with unlimited parking can be found. It is generally not difficult to find parking within a reasonable distance of any class.  

Note that High Street in front of the Library is limited to two hours, however Spring Street in front of Social Capital is not limited.

Q. What is the Snow Cancellation Policy?


When Senior College classes are cancelled due to weather conditions, students can get information from the Senior College website, the Senior College voicemail (207 707-6010), and the Belfast Senior College Facebook page.  Senior College follows the lead of the Belfast Public Schools, RSU 71.  When schools are closed, classes will be cancelled.  

When classes are cancelled due to instructor illness or any other reason, students will be notified by the instructor or class assistant via email or phone.  

Whenever possible, cancelled classes will be re-scheduled by extending the course one additional week.

NOTE: Since these decisions are dependent on developing weather conditions, they can be made at any time of day. Therefore, you should check just before your class starts. Also, each notice will include the date and time of the posting so you can assess how up-to-date the notice is when you receive it.

Q. When do I have to be logged in to the Senior College Website?

A.  Logging in allows us to find your records in our database and to verify that you are eligible to take some action such renewing your membership or registering for certain course. In many cases, if you need to be logged in you will be prompted to do so when it becomes necessary. However, when you want to modify your membership information or your non-member contact information, you will need to log in proactively. In this case you can login on the JOIN/RENEW/UPDATE page.  If you need to login in order to obtain admin privileges on the website itself you can do that on the VOLUNTEER/DONATE page.

TIP: If you have registered for a course or event which was open to the public or if you signed up for our newsletter we will have a contact record for you, even if you are not a member of Senior College. You may be surprised to be asked to login at some point and you probably won't remember your password which was sent to you when we first knew of you. You can always click on Forgot password  after entering your email address at in the Login form and you will be sent instructions to set a new password.

TIP:  New email address, phone number or physical address?? You do NOT need to contact us in these cases - you can change these yourself on the JOIN/RENEW/UPDATE page by logging in and editing your profile.  NOTE: Your email address is how we identify you. You can change this but after that you will need to use the new email address to login. Your password will be unchanged.

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